How to Bring Back Routine

Posted by PR Neom, Jun 11, 2021

How to Bring Back Routine

You couldn’t quite class the return to school in September this year as a normal start of term, whichever way you look at it. But we bet your little ones are excited to see their friends, move to the next year group and tear up the playground. But what does all this mean for the all-important routine? There’s a lot still up in the air with schools, and the rules, but we’re casting our minds forward to the day when we can settle into a new routine, which doesn’t compromise on wellbeing.

Up and Moving

The return to school could mean a return to hectic mornings. So, wellbeing out the window, right? HOPEFULLY NOT! We’ve long been advocates of making over your morning, so we’ll be trying to pack in some wellbeing right from the get-go, which means no lie-ins, forward planning the night before, an Energy Burst shower, healthy breakfast and no tech. All while remaining totally zen on the school run, of course.

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Stay Energised

Any change in routine takes some getting used to. Some of us became homeschoolers this year, others found their jobs were busier than ever, and other swapped the commute for, well, no commute. Either way it’s tiring changing habits, and this goes for kids as much as adults. So when you need an energy boost, we’ve got you. Look for an Essential Oil Blend or diffuser you can add a refreshing, energising scent to (lemon and basil are great ingredients to look out for) and prep your home so it’s supporting YOU.

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It’s not only our home routines that have changed, but our outdoor ones too. Suddenly hand sanitiser is in all of our bags, and at the ready after school, eating out or any activities, really. We saw an opportunity to make one that’s brilliantly effective but also nourishing, and packed with the natural ingredients. It’s part of our Great Day range, so you get a wellbeing boost of wild mint and mandarin every time you use it. Just another way to bring a little moment of feeling GOOD into your day.


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Better Sleep

And finally, bedtime. We think the secret to zen (alright, mostly zen) mornings might just be proper rest. And even if the kids are back at school, we’re betting your evening routine might still have more time at home than before. Which means you might have time for baths! There have been incredibly interesting studies on how just ten minutes in a bath can speed up your descent into slumber by up to 36%, and when you get there, you’re in a deeper sleep than before. And if you add a bath foam from our Bedtime Hero range, made with chamomile and ylang ylang, or even just burn a Scent to Sleep Candle while you soak, we’re betting you’ll see the benefits instantly.

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