How Does NEOM Make You Feel?

Posted by PR Neom, Jun 11, 2021

How Does NEOM Make You Feel?

It’s our mission to boost your wellbeing and we absolutely love hearing how you’re using our products. We are forever inspired by the ways you use them and slot them into your lives, so over on Instagram @neomorganics we asked you to share how NEOM makes you feel - it was so brilliant to get your replies we just had to share them here. Read on and be inspired!

Helping you be present

Sometimes the demands of the day can leave your mind feeling scattered, and less able to enjoy the things you love. If you’re not present, you’re also not getting the full benefit of your self care efforts, so we love that some of our products are helping you with this. @emma_lou_lake says NEOM helps her “connect with myself and relax into my meditation.”

We have a lot of love for the benefits of meditation (especially at the moment) so if it’s something you’ve been wanting to try, now might be a great time to start with our meditation 101 guide. And if like us you’ve been trying yoga and sometimes struggle with a wandering mind, try diffusing an Essential Oil Blend as you practice your poses, to really up that feeling of being in a calm studio, far away from real life. If only for ten minutes!

Helping you get through the day

As we very well know, when something naturally slots in with your life and routine, it’s WAY more likely to stick around. That’s why we’re all about small changes and building a wellbeing toolkit over time. Sometimes it can be as simple as switching scents to get you “Energised in the morning and relaxed in the evenings” like @sarahlnorton, but other times it’s about creating your ideal haven.

 “...Your candles are a constant in my art studio for energy, for calm and for being happy.” - @passion_for_pastels

“I use the diffuser in my ‘home office’ to help provide a relaxing, calm space. I don’t know how I’ll cope when we get back to the office without it.” - @svictorias

Enhancing your wellbeing routines

We’re all on the same journey to feel GOOD, and whether you already have some tools and techniques down or you’re just starting out on your journey, we love that NEOM can help. Start with a candle, explore the different scents and maybe they can help add to the great self care work you’re already doing.

“[NEOM candles] burn softly and melt into oils and have fresh and natural scents complete bliss. Lighting a candle is part of a routine of mine with a book so NEOM is part of it now.” - @mait712

“I love that ‘there’s a scent for that’ if I need a boost or help switching off and getting to sleep.” - @nuttymorg

And finally…

Thank you to everyone who shared the love in general, like @interiorsbyrachelfielding, “Love the fragrances, the look of the packaging and bottles/tubes, the feeling of loveliness I get with your products. All round happiness.” Sometimes we just love bringing a little bit of joy to your day. Share your thoughts and comments with us any time over at @neomorganics.