Here’s Why The Wellbeing Toolkit Is So Important To Me

Posted by Samantha Nice, Oct 12, 2021

Here’s Why The Wellbeing Toolkit Is So Important To Me

I have been banging on about building a wellbeing toolkit for so long, as I am a big believer in adding little steps, ideas and thoughts to our back pocket that we can pull out when we need them most -  a toolkit if you will. They are the things that we know work for us, and that we can use to help our wellbeing each and every day. I know that if I don’t get outside for a walk or set aside some time to read my book before bed and choose to plough on instead, it will come back to bite me later. It’s no secret that I talk about my anxiety.

For this reason, I am a big advocate for creating your own personal wellbeing toolkit as what works for me, won’t always work for the next person. It’s about what works specifically for you and then building a tried and tested framework to work from. Our charity partner, the Mental Health Foundation is all about the prevention piece to wellbeing and mental health and this Christmas, it was a no-brainer to partner up with them to create a toolkit that you could all use, share and gift to others. This toolkit has 12 golden rules of wellbeing that both us and the Mental Health Foundation believe are essential to feeling our best. 

This toolkit has everything you need to help you work practical things into your already-great life. The goal is wellbeing so there is no unattainable peak to reach and absolutely no guilt attached. It instead acts as a good reminder that we can really boost our wellbeing by taking small but achievable steps each day. It’s really up to you how you use it - there are no rules. 

If you are wondering however, here’s how I personally like to use it…

Practice Gratitude 

My mantra is ‘enjoy the little things’ and if there was ever a time where we really found good in the small moments, it was the past Covid era. The daily walks, the slower pace of life, the time with family - the small moments really are the big ones and I go forward with this mindset. 

Be Active

We all know that moving our bodies releases happy endorphins yet I still struggle to get myself to do it regularly. I made a pact with myself to ‘just do five minutes’ and before I know it, it turns into 10, 15 and often even longer. Not setting myself big goals works for me, as does getting out in the fresh air - especially after a stressful day. 

Rest & Reboot

This one is music to my ears because even professional athletes schedule rest days. It can be so tempting to do more and more but rest is so important. My favourite way? The four B’s. Bath. Breathing. Book. Bed. 

So go on, share our wellbeing toolkit far and wide this Christmas so we can help boost everyone’s wellbeing one small step at a time, and let us know how you are going to be using yours over on Instagram - @neomorganics


Download the toolkit for yourself here.