Have you heard about our NEW Wellbeing Pod?

Posted by Nicola Elliott, Jun 10, 2021

Have you heard about our NEW Wellbeing Pod?
Our newbie has been knocking the socks off you guys with comments like “Bought my Wellbeing Pod on Saturday. I thought it would be lovely but it’s EVEN BETTER! My house smells heavenly”, “It’s fab, I can smell it in every part of the kitchen. It looks great. I love it” AND “It’s the BEST thing ever.”

We’ve been LOVING all your feedback about what you think, when and how you use it - from homes smelling like spas to feeling the health benefits of the humidifying mist. Here at NEOM HQ, we’ve also fallen in love and it’s been a hit with some of our special friends of NEOM too. So we caught up with them and asked them to share how they use their Wellbeing Pod…

Jenni, our Sales Manager uses her Pod for a blissful wind-down: “My job is a mixture of in the office and on the road and it's sometimes difficult to get the balance right which can leave me feeling a little stressed! Coming home from work or a customer visit I can plug in my Pod and add the Scent to De-stress Essential Oil Blend for an instant boost to help me quickly wind down and regain some perspective, ready to take on the next day / challenge.”

Chloe, our PR Manager finds hers most helpful in the office: “I use my Pod on my desk at work, I pop a few drops of the Scent to Boost Your Energy Essential Oil Blend in to give me a boost in the morning, and by the time 2pm comes round I'm reaching for the De-stress!”

“Charlie and I have an evening ritual of lighting a few candles and using our Wellbeing Pod to create a relaxing ambience in our bedroom after a busy day. Along with our ‘no tech in bed’ rule, this simple routine allows us to totally switch off after a busy day, and get a great night's sleep! When we have friends over we bring the Pod down to the lounge to fill the house with gorgeous aromas - it’s too beautiful to keep it hidden away in the bedroom!” Fashion, Beauty and Lifestyle Influencer Josie Fear@josieldn and Charlie Irons @charlieirons

“I use mine during the night as it help my sinusitis, English lavender is very healing and antiseptic.”Alessandra, Wimbledon Store Manager

“I pop on my Wellbeing Pod at home during my one-to-one Pilates lesson with the Scent to De-Stress Essential Oil Blend. I can really feel the tension of the of the day melting away.” Dela, Wellbeing Therapist, Wimbledon Store

"The Wellbeing Pod is my favourite way to gently fragrance a room, and bring good energy into a space. The rose gold and ceramic design is so elegant - it's a pleasure to have it on display! I love the choice of oils for the Pod and alternate them depending on the occasion. The Sleep Oil is perfect before bed, whilst the Make You Happy Oil works a charm for when I have guests over."Lifestyle Influencer and Podcaster Monica Beatrice @monicabeatrice.

Andrea, our Product Developer loves a quick boost in the morning from her Pod. “I have mine ready to go first thing in the morning with my Scent to Boost Your Energy Essential Oil Blend...gives me that boost when I need to get up and go!”

Lucy, our Content & Brand Manager loves a restful, aromatic slumber: “I'm all about the night time goals and the Scent to Sleep Essential Oil Blend. This therapeutic pod literally pumps out dreamy scent, but the vapour is also mesmerising to watch too. I stick it on for one hour in my bedroom before bed (the kids bedroom doors are always left halfway open so they benefit too).”

“We’ve been using it nearly every night for the last week in the bedroom by adding some of the Scent to Sleep Essential Oil Blend drops (English lavender, sweet basil & jasmine) in and then leaving it on for an hour whilst we drift off to sleep (it turns itself off after the timer is up). It makes the whole room smell like a spa and now we use the light on the pod more than our bedside lamps. I love it, and who wouldn’t when it makes your room smell like a wellbeing spa every day?!” @lustliving Interior and Lifestyle Influencer.

Charlotte from PR and Brand Engagement uses hers for a happy morning pick-me-up: “Mornings are always a struggle for me and the Wellbeing Pod has seriously changed this! It has become a staple in my morning routine, I use the totally dreamy Happiness Essential Oil Blend and I switch it on as soon as I wake up. It lifts my mood, helps me to wake up and makes me feel human again!”

And of course, from the founder herself…

“I love to use it at night in the children’s bedrooms. Just add a few drops of Scent to Sleep Essential Oil Blend and switch it on. While the kids are in the bath, the scent is filling their rooms and (because it has a built in timer and night light) it’s perfect for drifting off as well as it turns off automatically after, one, two, or three hours (whichever works for you).” Nicola Elliott

We’ve been loving all the love for our Wellbeing Pod. Tell us how you’re using yours over on our Instagram. Tag us @neomorganics and don’t forget to use #NeomWellbeingPod.