Got The Back To School (Work) Blues?

Posted by Nicola Elliott, Jun 07, 2021

Got The Back To School (Work) Blues?

It's almost back to school (work) time. Here's some grab 'n' go essentials to help you feel calm through the busy weeks ahead. Small steps which can make a big difference! 

Five Work Bag Essentials 

1. The App

Smartphones now offer some serious self-care solutions! We love the stress-beating app, Sanvello. Start small by simply plugging in and listening to the guided breathing and meditation exercises on the way to, and from work. 

2. The Snack

Keep slow-release, B-vit-rich, oat-based bites in your bag to keep you going when the going gets tough!

We've always got snack bars by Larabar, KIND & Pret on hand, especially their dairy-free Coconut Bites - next to no sugar, packed with brain boosting oils from coconut oil and cream, plus magnesium from the dark chocolate. Yum!

3. The Supplement 

Want to counteract stress with a supplement but not sure where to start? Adreset, from Nutri Advanced, is a great place to start! Packed with mood boosting Ginseng, stress relieving Rhodiola, Ashwagandha the super-smart herb which helps our bodies better cope with stress and Cordyceps that regulates stress hormones and aids immunity. 

4. The Desk Drink

Green tea may not be the most exciting drink, but let it cool, stir in a spoon of honey, pop a few berries or apple slices into the glass, and you'll have a refreshing and tasty tipple that's high in soothing and de-stressing L-Theanine too. 

5. The Kit

It takes just 5 minutes to enjoy the three targeted treatments of the therapeutic Scent To De-Stress minis, including the Stress Relief Pulse Point, On The Go Mist and Nourish, Breathe & Calm Hand Balm. 

Use on the tube, on the bus, at your desk, or whenever you need to stress less.