Gift like you mean it

Posted by PR Neom, Jun 11, 2021

Gift like you mean it

What does it ACTUALLY mean to give a gift? One of the best parts of Christmas is shopping for presents you know your closest family and friends will love, and imaging them being thrilled with your choice. It’s a gift to yourself too, that warm and fuzzy feeling as you spread good vibes, pat yourself on the back and feel good - because giving makes us happier. The ultimate goal is to find something they’ll love, and perhaps never knew they needed. And that’s why our gifts are a little more special than a pretty item for the bathroom shelf – they’re gifts with real purpose, each with a different boost in mind.


We all know someone who does. it. all. The person whose default state is busy, and who bats off the stresses of life simply because they don’t have time to deal. Hey, maybe it’s a trait you recognise in yourself. Either way, calm can sometimes feel like a superpower, right? HOW AMAZING to be able to give a superpower as a gift. Christmas is the perfect time to nudge someone in the direction of self-care, and where better to start than a trio of Real Luxury goodies, designed to bring calm to the most hectic of days. A blend of 24 essential oils including lavender, jasmine and Brazilian rosewood in a hand balm, candle and bath & shower oil is not just a gift set, but an excuse to let calm into their day.

 time for real luxury calm vibes 


Sometimes, a sprinkling of happiness is all you need to turn a down day into a great one. Find it in wild mint and mandarin, and give the gift of happiness. Our Scent to Make you Happy fragrance is blended to balance your emotions and make you feel uplifted, so it’s the perfect gift for that person who’s been perhaps feeling a little low, and needs a boost. For days when they can’t shake their rainy day mood, your gift will be a ray of sunshine.

gift of happiness great day vibes


If there’s one thing we’ve learnt lately, it’s finding joy in the small things really means the most. We can’t do all the things we usually do to feel good at the moment, so if you know someone who’s in need of a hit on that refresh button, and a reset in general, give them the gift of clarity and a moment to come back to themselves with our Feel Refreshed fragrance. When you can’t see the wood for the trees, Sicilian lemon and fresh basil (among 22 other essential oils) are bound to bring you back to earth and find that joy again.

feel refreshed 3 wick hand balm


We’re betting you know someone who could do with some quality sleep. Maybe it’s someone who found themselves working harder than ever while the rest of the world slowed down, or maybe it’s that friend who’s been struggling to wind down after days cooped up indoors. And after all, is there any better gift than a perfect night’s sleep? We imagined how we’d prep for ours, and then we boxed it. Lavender, chamomile and patchouli all feature in our Perfect Night’s Sleep blend, and they’re known for their slumber-inducing qualities - a no-brainer for your most burned-out loved one.

sweet dreams sleepy vibes

  time for real luxury  gift of happiness  sweet dreams


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