From the NEOM Team: How We’re Using Our New Hand Balms

Posted by PR Neom, Jun 10, 2021

From the NEOM Team: How We’re Using Our New Hand Balms

First we made them perfectly handbag-sized, then we heard you and made them supersized, and we haven’t looked back since. It’s winter, we’re washing and sanitising our hands more than ever, and our skin craves nourishment so having a hand balm strategically placed is game. changing. Because there’s ALWAYS time for skin-loving shea butter and calming cocoa butter, because hand care is self care, and because we love a little boost of 100% natural NEOM fragrance throughout the day.


An energy boost on the commute

“I keep my supersize Energising Hand Balm in the cup holder of my car and it’s become more important to me than my coffee! With every stop I make on my trips to the supermarket or post office, I’m naturally having to apply hand sanitiser so I love having a larger size hand balm! It’s become my little ritual to take a moment to apply and breathe in - a real luxurious treat in between to prevent my hands from drying out.” - Lydia, Product Manager

Our Energising fragrance features invigorating grapefruit, lemon and rosemary (plus 14 other pure essential oils) so it really is an energising experience in the palm of your hand.

 Calming Hand Balm Calming Hand Balm Calming Hand Balm

Moments of calm at home

Moments of calm are rare and precious, and when you find a way to work one into your everyday routine it’s a real YES. Try hallway table and bathroom sink for starters...

“I’m so happy to have my supersize De-Stress Hand Balm arrive just in time for this freezing weather. I walk three times a day and my hands really suffer from the cold air, so I keep mine on the table in the hallway by the front door. As soon as I’m back from a brisk walk in the cold it’s there to soothe and moisturise my dry hands. The de-stress fragrance is just the one for me too, as I’m full of adrenaline from the crisp air and quick pace so it brings me back to a lovely level of calm.” - Lilly, Operations Executive 

“I don’t know about you but my hands are SO dry from all the washing and are in desperate need for some TLC! The supersize Calming Hand Balm lives next to the sink (as it looks so pretty too) to help calm, nourish and soften my hands, after all that washing. - Katie, Ecommerce Manager 

Uplifting Hand Balm  Uplifting hand Balm

A mood boost

We’re always looking for an opportunity to get a wellbeing boost, and if it makes sofa time a little more exciting then sign us up!

“My supersize Uplifting Hand Balm lives on the coffee table by my sofa (which is where I now spend the majority of my free time!) Having it to hand reminds me to apply regularly, no matter what I’m doing.” - Jamie, Commercial Executive 

Perfect Night's Sleep Hand Balm  

Better sleep

Hand Balms have always made a great finishing touch to a sleep routine, a last-thing-at-night treat before you doze off, but now they’re bigger they are a permanent feature on our bedside tables.

Perfect Night’s Sleep - I have always had a tube on my bedside table, to give my hands a real treat at night time, now my husband has become a real fan and insists on sharing so the supersize tube is ideal.  I just need him to realise that a little goes a long way!” - Sam, NEOM Education Manager