Love Perfume? Go Natural

Posted by Nicola Elliott, Jun 09, 2021

Love Perfume? Go Natural

Say hello to our three NEW Natural Wellbeing Fragrances.  We're all about natural perfume at NEOM because, I've had a bit-of-a-thing for my team and I to find THE antidote to those full-on, overpowering, heavy perfumes (you know the ones?!). 

We believe in the power of natural plant oils and I wanted to harness these for a fragrance that's for EVERY DAY. Something natural that uses the power of essential oils in a seriously modern, most beautifully fragrant and wellbeing boosting way, that not only has an amazing scent, but helps work on your wellbeing too. 

Three years in the making and I'm pretty darn chuffed to say (we literally trialled and tested hundreds of blends) that we have managed to create not one, but three Natural Fragrances using ONLY NATURAL. NOT a single drop of synthetic fragrance in there at all (and there never will be). 

These Natural Fragrances are packed full of an expert blend of pure natural essential oils from grapefruit oil to jasmine to vetivert. They are clean, gentle and SUPER fragrant and with three to choose from, you can pick and choose the one that is right for you. Whether you need a few spritzes of energy in the morning (or for that 3pm afternoon slump), a cloud of calm on the tube or a heart warming spritz of uplifting oils at midday, these bottles of natural goodness have you covered. 

Ylang Ylang, Vetivert & Tonka Bean Natural Wellbeing Fragrance

Create a cloud of calm with this warm, powerful and relaxing scent that helps you prepare to relax and unwind.

Grapefruit, Lemon & Rosemary Natural Wellbeing Fragrance

Get a burst of energy with this crisp, uplifting scent that delivers a lively burst of energy. 

Jasmine, Bergamot & Orange Peel Natural Wellbeing Fragrance

Revitalise and uplift with this spicy yet floral and zesty scent that helps give an uplifting effect, so you can nail your day.