Finding Joy In The Little Things

Posted by PR Neom, May 26, 2021

Finding Joy In The Little Things

If there’s one thing we’ve learned this year, it’s that the little things are the BIG things. There’s genuine joy in realising how much small moments of GOOD can make a difference to your mood and your entire day. And it’s a sentiment we’re really hanging our hats on right now, because when you start appreciating the little things, suddenly you feel like you have loads more of them! If there’s one major achievement for 2020, it will be to look back and feel like it wasn’t such a write-off, so here’s how we’re finding the joy.

As the nights have drawn in we’ve been focusing on switching up our self-care for lockdown 2.0 and a very different festive season, but there’s more to counting your blessings than just a quick mood boost (though obviously, we won’t say no to that). Adopting techniques to boost positivity and switch out from that negative slump can help you live longer and also help build your long-term resilience. And one of our favourite positive-thinking techniques is being grateful for the little things.

Joy in nature

In a more normal year the little things might mean a long chat over coffee in your favourite brunch spot, or nailing a PB at the gym, and it can be all-too-easy to feel stuck if the virtual version just isn’t cutting it. That’s why we LOVE noticing newfound joy when it appears, and that’s why we asked you to share some of the things that have filled you with gratitude lately. In all the interviews lately, to take care of yourself there is one common thread and that’s to go outside. We totally feel that. Feeling grateful for morning walks and beautiful autumn colours – in normal life it’s so easy to focus on getting.stuff.done and to forget to actually look at the leaves, and what better way to enjoy our only available activity right now than getting out on a clear morning?

The gift of extra time

For lots of us, our home and work routines have completely changed too, and while it’s been tough to adjust to at times, finding a positive in slow mornings with a cup of tea and meditation, can nourish your mind. You just can’t do that if you’re in the office, or on a school run, or doing one of the thousand other things that mornings used to mean. If you can’t adopt the tea and time-out technique, we have some tips for how to bring some structure back to your mornings. And one thing we’ve loved is the extra hour with the kids that used to be spent commuting.

Connections where we can

We have missed everyone SO MUCH, but we have to remember to find the joy in those virtual connections that have kept us all going – the voice note that made you laugh till your sides ached, or the watch-along movie night with the same feel-good classic beamed into your living rooms.

And finally, we’ve definitely appreciated happy days drinking Prosecco in the garden…. We’ll see you for a glass next summer.

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