Festive Survival Tips From The Pro's

Posted by PR Neom, Jun 08, 2021

Festive Survival Tips From The Pro's

Not sure whether you need a hug, an XL coffee, a trip to Barbados or two weeks of sleep? You know that Whatsapp (ping)? The stocking fillers hidden in the bottom drawer (or under your desk at work - cue banging your knees every time you get up to make a cup of tea (ffs)). Work year-end presentations to nail, social engagements flowing in, nativity play, oh and Christmas jumper day, oh and don’t forget to move the elf on the shelf, and, and, AND… Yep Christmas can be stressful as well as wonderful too.

Time to call in the tribe, the pro’s (wellbeing experts and the general hard-working jugglers at NEOM HQ) for a cheat sheet and the best tips they’ve got for keeping calm (and staying sane) this Christmas.

“Don’t freak out when your kids change their mind about what they want for Christmas when you’ve already bought the sodding other things, wrapped meticulously under the tree - it’s okay! Remember they have more fun with the empty boxes anyway! It’s about ‘presence’ and making precious memories together (in between all the other non memorable stuff and the bits you’d rather forget).” Says Suzy Reading, NEOM Psychologist, Coach Author Psychologist Speaker

“When I find a good gift every Nursery Teacher, School Teacher, BFF, Mother-in-Law, and Secret Santa gets that one gift. They never know and are super thrilled. Cuts the list down by 50%. Genius. Also, having a good supply of gin in December is a good shout.” Natalie, NEOM Customer Marketing Manager (& mum of two).

“I love the brilliant and old classic - the sign-on-the-door trick that says ‘Do not enter’. When I am supposedly wrapping all the gifts I am really taking a bath, reading a book and generally having 30 minutes to CHILL.” Says Emma, Business Development Manager

“I love my family (and I’m super grateful to have them all around me), however, does anyone else feel trapped all day during festivities? My tactic to keep calm (and to get a little quiet time) is to say “Afternoon Christmas film time” - everyone sits down and ahh silence. Time to recoup some sanity.” Charlotte, Social Media Manager

“Number one tip? Silence the school class WhatsApp group (I just pop in and check it every couple of days). Number two - pin up a paper calendar on the front door with dates of xmas jumper day, take tombola stuff in, school fair etc so I have a visual reminder before I leave for school run. And number three - Get a mini ritual, every few hours, lie down (I set an alarm on my phone) deep breath and a spritz of de-stress fragrance for particularly stressful days!” Says Mary Meadows, Life Coach and NLP Practitioner

“Best advice I got was… don’t get your tinsel in a tangle this Christmas. It’s the people around the tree - not the presents under it - that matters.” Susannah Taylor, Wellbeing Columnist, Grazia

Have you got a tip to keeping calm at Christmas? Let us know over on Instagram, we need to stick together.