Essential Oils for the Whole Family

Posted by PR Neom, Jun 11, 2021

Essential Oils for the Whole Family

From morning to night, we love reaching for a little boost from our favourite essential oils. And when you know what ingredients work for you, it’s way easier to spot products that contain the oils you love and make sure they’re always to hand. But how to spread the love? Essential oils are a great way to brighten the days of everyone around you, from babies and children to grandparents. These are our favourite ingredients to work into their days – they’ll have you to thank for their newfound zen!


Get the adults in the household up with energising oils like lemon, grapefruit, rosemary and lime. Their zingy fragrances are great for waking and sharpening the mind. Grapefruit oil and lime, in particular, are wonderful for kids too, and a well-placed diffuser or spritz around the room with any luck will help them get to home schooling a spring in their step (goodness knows we can use all the help we can get on that front). Grapefruit also promotes a wonderfully positive mood…These oils and more can be found in our Scent to Boost Your Energy range.

Anyone looking for anti-ageing essential oils (hello) should look for antioxidant and anti-inflammatories in their morning skincare, such as rose oil, sandalwood, rosemary and ylang ylang. These seriously combat the damage and ageing effects of pollution and the elements whether used as an oil, cleanser or moisturiser. Our products are balanced to ensure safe levels of essential oil vs nourishing carrier oil/cream.

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Pine and eucalyptus are wonderful for a refreshing boost throughout the day, and older members of the family (or anyone feeling the midday ARGH) may particularly appreciate their mind-sharpening qualities. Tea tree oil is especially important at the moment for its antibacterial properties – pop a natural hand gel in your bag for on-the-go sanitising wherever you happen to be.

If anyone’s feeling under the weather, vetiver can be great to help relieve fever and mint can help as a go-to for an upset stomach. Pop these oils in your Wellbeing Pod for a safe dilution of the oil, and gentle diffusion/humidifying throughout the room or try using them within your daily products.


The evening is all about the wind-down so try Chamomile with the kids when they’re done with school, to help switch them from ‘doing’ mode to calm and soothe mode. We know it’s no easy task but every little helps!

For adults making the switch from work to relaxation time, ylang ylang, jasmine and rosewood are some of our calming favourites – and if you like a citrusy twist, mandarin and may chang oils are anxiety-relieving too, which is helpful for anyone trying to wind down. This is the time to make your home your haven, especially if you’ve been working from home, so these oils make a great gift as well as an addition to your space.

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For babies, 3 months and older, a spritz of Perfect Night’s Sleep Pillow Mist with the lavender, chamomile & patchouli essential oils is super calming at bedtime, and will (hopefully) send them off for some long, dreamy sleep – improving YOUR sleep too! 

For a little extra bedtime boost, chamomile can help increase feelings of emotional security – just what they need to drop off. Or, using the same oil in a Wellbeing Pod works well too - and will drift from room-to-room so the whole of the upstairs benefits.