Posted by Nicola Elliott, Jun 08, 2021


We grabbed five minutes with foodie lover and author Melissa Hemsley to chat about her passion for living well

You live a hectic life, at home, at work, socially... it's all go! When do you feel most powerful?

I feel quietly powerful at many times during the day. When I’m exercising or playing in the fresh air with my dog, Nelly, when I’m at peace with myself, when I’ve meditated, when I feel supported, when I feel rested and have had a great night’s sleep! High fiving a great moment at work, accomplishing something I’ve worked really hard at.

Who is your powerful inspiration?

Brita Fernandez Schmidt of Women for Women International, she is a true inspiration and she and her team support thousands of women and their families all over the world.

If you could give readers 3 quick tips to help them feel powerful and full of energy what would they be?

1. Make a simple home cooked supper, eat it early and wind down for a good night’s sleep. As my Mum always said when I was a kid, if you can’t sleep, just rest your eyes! 2. Meditate every day or find time to really breathe and deeply breathe for 10 minutes 3. Exercise, find whatever works for you, however you can squeeze it in - my favourite way to exercise is to dance in my bedroom to 90’s garage while getting ready for work!

Quick Fire:

Go to energy boosting food?

If I had 5 minutes, eggs and avocado in some homemade bread or if I had 20 minutes, a vegetable packed chicken broth soup, with spices and coconut milk.

Best feel good book/movie or song?

Song - Hall & Oates ~ You Make My Dreams Come True, movie, I love any of the early Harry Potters, Nanny McPhee and Ang Lee’s Sense & Sensibility. And I’m trying to pick up the piano again after watching La La Land.

Best 4pm slump cure?

Hydrate with some hot or cold ‘pep up tea’ (turmeric, cayenne, ginger and lemon juice), jump up from your desk and get outside for 5 mins and get some fresh air (at the very least, stick your head out a window) and meditate (or close your eyes and breathe deeply for a few minutes). Or even better, call a friend and have a big belly laugh!


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