Posted by Nicola Elliott, Jun 07, 2021


Sometimes we all just need the facts. So we got a quick download from Ellie Goulding’s right hand woman, Lucy Wearing, who told us how she takes care of her skin (and Ellie’s) when they are travel-tastic (Hamburg to Vegas this week!) on how she uses vitamins, SPF, oils, food… to keep her (and Ellie’s) skin happy.

How do you and Ellie beat the jet lag and keep on top of your wellbeing?

I would love to say that we get to sleep for days after a stint of touring but usually we will only have a couple of days in between and we’re probably either working or catching up on other general life stuff. We travelled for 25 hours (in one go) last week, then straight to work! When it’s a particularly long trip we’ll try and have a spa before hand. It would seem that it is in fact impossible to beat jet lag; the worst thing apart from being exhausted and the physical aspect, is the emotional impact it can have. We actually always travel with NEOM candles in the flight case for the dressing and hotel rooms. Ellie loves the Energy Boosting Sprays and the Pillow Mist and I rely on the Perfect Night Sleep Bath & Shower Drops when I can't sleep.

Exercise is an important part of travel and maintaining a routine; Ellie will use the gym if we're in a hotel, or if there isn’t a gym she’ll encourage us all to do a Nike training class together in the dressing room. I’m more yoga than gym, I always travel with a yoga mat and I use the App Yoga Glo. I love Jo Tastulas classes, in fact I’m a little bit obsessed with her, she has a class or meditation for everything, including jet lag - meditative breathing techniques really help me to stay calm.

What 1 thing does Ellie always do with her skin when you're on the move?

Always use skincare that’s so natural you can eat it! We're both really into Tata Harper right now. Oh and the Great Day Body Scrub is an absolute favourite!

From your experience travelling the world, what are the best foods to eat on holiday to keep your skin looking great?

Anything that contains Selenium. Selenium is anti-inflammatory and can reduce your chances of burning. So asparagus, nuts, brown rice, tuna, salmon and sardines (I read that Victoria Beckham eats Salmon every day to feed her skin). Look after your skin by eating foods rich in vitamin A like green leaf salads, spinach, kale, carrots, sweet potato, milk and eggs. Avocado for your vitamin E and Broccoli for skin repair. Stay hydrated by eating watermelon which is not only 92 percent water but also a good source of vitamin C. Tomato can help protect you from the sun, so lots of caprese salads AND watermelon based cocktails on holiday!

Summer climate. What about drinking water to keep our skin tip top? What would you say is an ideal amount of water to drink in sun?

I say between 2-3 litres a day. Water helps to lower your bodies temperature and replaces the lost fluids from activity be it a casual bat and ball in the shallows to full on sweating in the sun. 

Is it important for your skin to exercise? Why?

Exercise increases your blood flow which carries oxygen and nutrients to the cells throughout your body, it also helps to clear out free radicals and waste products as well as stimulating collagen production and increasing your levels human growth hormone. So win win. Keeps us looking fresh!

What vitamins work well topically on skin as after sun?

Vitamins A, E and C.

We’ve been told our NEOM Face, Body and Hair Oil work well as aftersun? Why do you think this is?

Skin and hair become really dehydrated from the sun's UV rays and salt water. NEOM Face, Body and hair oil uses organic safflower and jojoba which means it's rich in the fatty acids, vitamin A (repairs sun damage) and E (anti-inflammatory and healing) that are needed to replenish both. The organic safflower helps these properties to be quickly absorbed into the skin.

Top tip: On my last holiday I would wet my hair and comb through the ends with this oil before I even went in the sun. I then I added the oil to some water in a mini spray bottle and popped in my bag for the pool and beach. Voila.

What is a great SPF or skincare brand you could recommend?

I use SPF 50 everyday on my face. I’m using the Ultrasun Daily Anti Ageing UV protector at the moment followed by Chantecaille 'Just Skin' tinted moisturiser SPF15. I also use factor 50 on my body not forgetting my hands. I have never been one to cook in the sun, I still tan. You’re more likely to find me under a hat and umbrella with a good book. UVA and UVB rays age the skin, reason enough. I think SPF numbers are confusing SPF 30 is not twice as strong as SPF 15. It relates to how long you can stay in the sun without burning. So the higher the SPF the longer you are protected. I learnt that very recently…who knew!