Eat Right, Sleep Tight

Posted by Nicola Elliott, Jun 01, 2021

Eat Right, Sleep Tight

By NEOM Nutrition Expert, Samantha Paget

1. Comp Carb + Protein

Complex carbohydrates (such as oats, brown rice, quinoa, amaranth, teff, spelt, barley) all help deliver the amino acid tryptophan to the brain, which has a soporific effect. Protein also helps to build tryptophan – which is why the best bedtime snack is one that contains both a complex carbohydrate and protein, such as cereal with milk, peanut butter on toast, or cheese and crackers.

2. Lots of Lettuce

Remember how Peter Rabbit always fell asleep after eating Mr McGregor's lettuces? Not just the stuff of fairytales, lettuce contains a natural sedative called lactur carium which encourages deeper sleep. Include this in an evening meal – a crisp green side salad is a great addition if you have trouble sleeping.

3. Magnesium Rich Foods

Increasing your magnesium intake has remarkable effects on sleep quality as it plays an important role in the deactivation of adrenaline. Your best bet for magnesium sources are green leafy vegetables, beans, lentils and peas, nuts, seeds and whole grains and other foods rich in fibre.

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Watch the video below with Samantha Paget, NEOM Nutrition Expert, who shares the latest research and advice on the very best foods for inducing a perfect night's sleep.

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