Do you know your prickly pear from your turmeric extract?

Posted by PR Neom, Jun 07, 2021

Do you know your prickly pear from your turmeric extract?

When we asked our customers 'do you want to learn about natural skincare its benefits?', there was a resounding YES. So, we launched our very own NATURAL skincare workshops, run by Sam, our Spa & Treatment Manager.

Debunking face oil myths. Sorting prickly pear seed oil from turmeric root extract. And answering the questions ‘do naturals really work’? Oh, and which range is right for me?

So many questions, so Sam got to work. Kicking off with our unique skincare quiz; “this gives our Neomologists a real insight into the wellbeing need of the skin, as so many of our guests had a preconceived idea of what is right for their skin - when actually it needed something different,” says Sam. “It doesn’t just want to know your skin type. We ask: ‘are you up late? Always rushing around? (lotsa hands went up). Can’t decide if you need a hug, a XL coffee, 6 shots of vodka or 2 weeks of sleep? Or does your skin just wants some serious GLOW? Cue the giggles and shouts of “that’s me!”

In the workshop we uncover common mistakes about over stripping the natural oils of the skin (YES, oil is actually GOOD for oily skin) leaving it exposed to breakouts and sensitivity. “I asked our guests about their main concerns and surprisingly anti ageing wasn’t one of them” Says Sam. “They were all about quality natural products without the faff.”

Enter our Natural Skincare Collection (which was made for this moment). “Using naturals gives the skin the opportunity to be the best it can be and function at its optimum level.” says Sam. So our guests dived in. Cleansing - “they loved the feel of the skin after we had cleansed as the nourishing oils leaves the skin super soft”. “We dispelled the myth that a clean face has to be taut and tight face! Cleansing right can have a massive impact healing a sensitive skin or those prone to acne or dehydration.” Says Sam. We heard Mrs Green instantly got her 17 year old daughter the Ultimate Calm Face Wash and SPF Moisturiser (and binned the harsh cleansing wipes) and within a few weeks her skin had improved dramatically, the acne had calmed down and her face was glowing.

“Dark circles under the eyes was another common problem at our workshops. “The Great Day Glow range is fab for this - turmeric root extract will not only brighten the area but stimulate the stagnant blood flow that can build up in the thin and delicate area underneath the eyes.” Says Sam.

Guests were also taken through special facial yoga before leaving happy with makeup free faces and a wellbeing goody bag for being such good sports for removing all their makeup in public and also owning up to using toothpaste on spots at night!

Sam says “One lady did say to me that it was the best NEOM event she had been too. So, all I can say is that I am pretty pleased with that.”

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