Have you discovered The Wellbeing Edit yet?

Posted by Nicola Elliott, Jun 02, 2021

Have you discovered The Wellbeing Edit yet?

Curated by myself, Nicola Elliott, NEOM Founder and Founder of Getthegloss.com and Grazia Wellbeing columnist Susannah Taylor, The Wellbeing Edit will help YOU nail 360 wellbeing, in a real way.

Here’s how we’re using our NEOM favourites alongside their perfect partners…

I’ve always got a million things running through my mind and so turning off at night to get a great night’s sleep is never easy! That’s why a Space Mask and a spritz of Pillow Mist works perfectly for me. “I LOVE the CBD oil from Kloris who are super passionate about naturals and harnessing the power of plants for wellbeing.

"Using a few drops along with my De-Stress Hand Balm is already making a difference to my stress levels.” Lucy, Brand Manager.

“The Positive Planner is such a simple but beautiful thing! I find writing in it to reflect on the day and what I want to achieve the next day (whilst my Happiness candle flickers nearby) really helps me feel more content.” Natalie, Customer Marketing Manager.

“I’m on a massive health kick in prep for my wedding this year, so the Shona Vertue Method book is a winner. I spent last Sunday flicking through, (with the Feel Refreshed Candle burning next to me of course), picking out the best workouts and getting healthy meal inspo.” Chloe, PR and Partnership Manager.

“Meeting Kim, one of the founders of Kloris meant I was able to learn extensively about the phenomenon of CBD Oil and how Kloris CBD drops work and their benefits. I am overwhelmed at the fact they are 100% organic and are no GMO. Kims passion for her brand and her relatable journey to creating this product resonated with me. Using a few drops of this daily, along with my De-Stress Home mist really is making a difference to the symptoms I suffer during anxious times” Grace, Kings Road Store Manager.

We would LOVE to know what YOUR perfect partners from The Wellbeing Edit are? Let us know over on Instagram by tagging @neomorganics.

Love, Nicola x