"I slowly became less anxious, I started feeling good again".

Posted by Nicola Elliott, Jun 07, 2021

That time we got an email from Customer, Victoria - the NEOM gang got A NEW FOUND LOVE for what we're here for. Want to feel good? We've got you!

“I wanted to thank you all. Your products have helped me to rebuild my life. Last November, I suffered a miscarriage and it hit me pretty hard. I developed anxiety and my attacks were more and more frequently occurring in the middle of the night. Along with feeling absolutely horrendous and broken, I was also battling tiredness, fatigue and still working. I had a fear that if I stopped my routine, I would have to process what happened. My incredible mum has always sworn by NEOM and she bought me the Real Luxury & Scent To Sleep range. She forced me to start a new routine and told me all about the benefits of your products. I very reluctantly tried and I of course immediately loved the smell. The diffuser fills my hallway with this incredibly relaxing smell which now instantly calms me and my evening routine has ever since consisted of a 'NEOM bath' followed by massaging the oil into my face and chest. I slowly became less anxious, I started feeling good about myself again and I’ve even now got my fiance hooked. Thank you for been a huge part in rebuilding my life. NEOM was a turning point for me, you've made a real difference to my life and i'm now experimenting with your other scents. Please don't ever stop doing what you do. Victoria x”

When we got in touch with Victoria to thank her for sharing her experience, we also asked whether she had other advice/tips that helped that we could pass along. Here they are: “It was all about creating a routine.” Says Victoria.

1. “Replacing my shameful Febreeze with the room spray for an extra boost.”

2. “Bath times became 'me' time. The bath that I swear by is warmer than the normal recommended temperature, but not uncomfortable, 3 caps of the Real Luxury Bath Foam and whilst it is running I shut the door to trap the scent. When i'm in the bath I inhale and exhale slowly, at the time this was my go too for when I was feeling anxious and nervous.”

3. "Finally, this is the best bit, the oil! This is my absolute fav! With my hair wrapped in a towel and my bathrobe on, I smother my face and neck and breathe deeply to take in the scent whilst laying on the bed. I have never felt so relaxed in life."