Creating Energy, How do we Actually do it?

Posted by Nicola Elliott, Jun 09, 2021

Creating Energy, How do we Actually do it?

We sat down with Suzy Reading, NEOM's very own psychologist (oh and mother of two, yoga teacher, health coach and passionate enthusiast of taking the time to look after yourself) and quizzed her on energy and if we can really create our own.

Do you feel many women are feeling a dip in energy at the moment? Is this a common problem? If so why? What kind of symptoms do you see regularly?

I see so many women feeling they lack energy or need a boost. Modern life is undeniably full on and somehow as a society we seem to glorify those who never seem to stop. But this ‘sleep when I’m dead’ stuff has serious ramifications. natural energy

If we don’t tend to our health – and I’m talking emotional, energetic and mental health as well as our physical body, we run the risk of falling into a heap. The people I see are holding it together for so many people – themselves, families, juggling the demands of running a home and/or business, doing right by their children and work stress coupled with the feeling that the beginning of the year should be a time of renewing yourself and hitting the gym (we all know that message) can make us feel even more low on energy. In my experience this feeling of lack of energy manifests in all sorts of ways. Some being low mood, irritability, anger, overthinking, anxiety or a feeling of being stuck. It can also show up in the body with physical signs like aches and pains, lots of tension, suppressed immunity and trouble sleeping.    

Q  Tell us about the last time you worked with a fatigued client... what did you recommend?

I work with fatigued people every single day! The best way I find is to introduce the concept of having an ‘energy bank’ – simple yet effective. Just like your car needs petrol, we need to make sure we have enough resources to get by and fuel our energy. The place to start is by getting to know YOUR energy bank. Notice when you feel low in energy, a certain situation, time of day? Then act accordingly. Top yourself up with self care. It can be as simple as making time for a 10 minute meditation to give you enough steam to enjoy your big night out or taking a restorative bath to ease away the post party residue. Be honest with yourself and keep nourishment on the radar. It is not selfish, it is absolutely necessary.




What are simple things we all generally do wrong / could change easily re-cultivating energy?

The main one I think where people go wrong and we can all take small steps to make a change are: Not moving enough. We can all be guilty of that. I am not talking hitting the gym every night but it’s about making small steps every day. A standing meeting. A walk around the block. The stairs instead of the lift.

There are some great small steps Neom have put together like your phone down, switch off the TV and step outside into the fresh air for an invigorating wake-up call. Not eating nourishing foods and eating them often enough – why not try something new and nutritious tomorrow?

Not giving ourselves the chance of getting enough sleep. Try a brilliant sleep routine every night. Going to bed at the same time. (I am sure Neom Sleep Expert Anandi will give you loads more tips on this) Saying ‘yes’ all the time (sound familiar?) Not taking enough time for ourselves (I have lost count of the number of times someone has said that this felt indulgent or selfish) Being addicted to technology and keeping our minds switched on with our phones beside us 24/7 – try a tech free night tonight? Keep your phone plugged in downstairs? Relying on food/alcohol to calm us down or pep us up.  

Have you used any of the NEOM energising products? Would you incorporate them into your advice / other practices? Any tips on how/when to use these for optimum energy?

All the time! I always pair my NEOM products with an affirmation or intention and I really make the point of using them as a statement of self-worth. I spray it and savour it, really "drink it in", if you will.I use NEOM when I’m getting ready in the morning – a spritz of mist and I set the intention to greet the day with optimism, when I’m enjoying my downtime – light a candle and set the intention to replenish and let go. At night, my pillow mist to acknowledge that my work is done and now is time to rest. Hand cream, pulse point and mist –to stop and take a minute to breathe and just be. NEOM is integral in most of my daily rituals to turn them into self-care.