Create The home of festive cheer. Neom style...

Posted by Nicola Elliott, Jun 08, 2021

Create The home of festive cheer. Neom style...

Festive cheer hacks for the crazy busy. THE edit for the home (and YOU) to ensure copious installments of festive cheer this Christmas. We’re talking… the cocktail… the super-easy bites… and our fav Christmassy life hacks… If NEOM did the home of festive cheer. Here’s what we’d do.

The Food? Gingerbread bites by the kitchen shed
Cashews, pecans, dates, ginger and cinnamon – that’s all that’s in these wholesome little nuggets that taste exactly like Christmas thanks to that warming cinnamon and fiery ginger kick that will also help to boost your metabolism. Chop up, roll into balls and pop in the fridge.


100 grams Unsalted Cashew Nuts
50 grams Pecans
8 Medjool Dates stones removed
1/2 teaspoon Ground Ginger
1/4 teaspoon Ground Cinnamon


The Cocktail? The Snowflake. Founder Nicola.
“Each year I perfect one brilliant festive cocktail. I love the ‘Snowflake’ – 1oz gin ½oz lemon juice, dash of sugar and fresh egg white decorated with edible glitter. An all time favourite which always gets the WOW factor (which is good seeing as i’ve usually forgotten other important parts to Christmas day!)”

wrapping anxiety? try these super simple quick ideas
Wrap hack… Wrapping anxiety? Try these super simple quick ideas.


1. No need for tags and string….We’re loving this Christmas chalkboard packaging. Black craft paper (hello amazon prime) and a white chalk or black board pen. Basically DRAW your wrap. Takes seconds.

2. Simple plain paper & string. Hit Sainsburys for some rosemary….the living plant in the herb aisle. Wrap and insert. Simple and fragrant.

3. No time for the above? Drop into Neom store (or select online) and we will do the wrapping for you!

the stylish and smart tree
The stylish (& smart) tree…
Required… a stack of books (or magazines) + lights (we love a warm white bulb if we’re being picky). And a pine cone… (if you can find one) We’re loving this Christmas tree book stack as an alternative, we’re giving it a whirl for a bit of geek chic!