Clean, Safe & Nourished with Natural Hand Care

Posted by PR Neom, Jun 11, 2021

Clean, Safe & Nourished with Natural Hand Care

Next to our faces, the skin on our hands gets the most exposure to sunlight, the elements and pollution. And we’re all washing and anti-baccing like nobody’s business, so it’s SO important to care for our hands properly. We’re not here to add unnecessary load to your tote bag, so here’s for ways of making our natural hand care work for YOU.

Hand Wash

First of all, HAND WASHING. So important when we’re visiting more places. And there’s no reason your wash of choice can’t be natural. Ours is packed with wonderful ingredients like seaweed and pomegranate which have detoxifying properties and lift dirt and grime. Then there’s nourishing argan oil to leave you feeling silky smooth. Our hand washes also double as a body wash so they’re super hard-working, and they bubble-up nicely even though they’re SLS free (woah), so you only need a tiny amount to get a proper cleanse.

wash & lotion

(Thank you @mike_and_kate for this lovely picture of our Wash & Lotion!)


We recommend finishing any cleanse with a nourishing lotion – as with our hand wash you only need the tiniest amount and the scent lasts for hours. All our lotions are packed with vitamin E which is so useful in combating free radicals in polluted air. Massage this into your hands and arms to feel instantly calmed and hydrated.

hand balm


If you’re out of the house our hand balms are perfect for popping in your bag, so you can reach for them whenever skin needs soothing or you need a wellbeing boost. Before massaging over your hands, put a drop or two in your palms and cup your hands over nose and mouth. Breathe in for 7 seconds and out for 11 and hey presto – refreshed and de-stressed, as well as nourished!

hand sanitiser

Anti Bac

YES! A hand sanitiser that doesn’t leave you smelling like a hospital or with tight, dried-out skin. Our gels contain antibacterial tea tree oil and 65% alcohol, and the spray 61%, so they are super effective, glycerine so they are intensely hydrating, and of course our Scent to Make you Happy fragrance. These are the ultimate on-the-go hero and an absolute lifesaver when spending the day out. Plus, every time you buy one, we give one to the NHS.

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