CBD is everywhere and this is why...

Posted by Nicola Elliott, Jun 07, 2021

CBD is everywhere and this is why...

One of the hottest topics of 2019 so far is CBD, otherwise known as active compounds from the cannabis plant. It's completely legal (it doesn't contain anything untoward that might trigger trippy side effects).

CBD is becoming a go-to ingredient for treating aliments both internally and externally, with many talking about it's health and wellbeing benefits. In fact we recently worked with the brilliant Susannah Taylor (Wellbeing Columnist of Grazia) on the NEOM Wellbeing Edit, and trialled ALOT of CBD oils (we really rate the quality and ethos of UK-based brand Kloris).

As well as clocking it in face creams and serums, it's also starting to crop up in body products. Ho Karan's Natural Power Deodorant, £12 combines aloe vera and hemp to keep underarms smooth and sweat free; Holland & Barrett have produced a CBD Muscle Balm, £14.99 to stimulate your circulation and speed up recovery while OHNE, the organic tampon subscription service has launched Anti-Teardrops 1% CBD Oil, £27 to relax angry abdominal muscles that contract and cause that dreaded cramping. If this means we can say goodbye to period pain for good, we're game!

Fitness fans will want in too, as this potent plant extract is even being used in gyms to ward off any aches you might feel after a workout. Don’t believe us? London-based chain, Gymbox has it’s own ‘Cannabliss’ class. A stretching and rehabilitation session, where attendees wear a special patch that drip feeds your body CBD oils to reduce muscle inflammation, easing stress in the body and ensures you leave feeling mega zen.

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