How can we help you feel good?

Posted by Nicola Elliott, May 24, 2021

How can we help you feel good?

Because, trust us. We CAN.

When we set out whipping up the concept of NEOM (eek way back when), I was working in magazines and Oliver (co-founder) was number crunching in the city (and we had a spare room in my flat in Islington stacked with dreamy scents of our candles) we always knew it was all about getting everyone to FEEL GOOD. Because feeling good has ALWAYS been our thing, you see.

I would mix up power-boosting natural tinctures at home for my then-boyfriend-now-husband who played loads of sport and needed a boost before we went out partying. And in the evenings I'd blend oils for my sister, Katie who was having trouble sleeping, or my mates who were burning the candle at both ends (no pun intended) and needed a bit of a mood boost.

The blends, the good stuff was always about those around me feeling good. Whether you’re craving deep relaxation and more zzz’s, a burst of natural energy, mood boost or a moment of calm - the team and I STILL live and breathe this mantra - it’s in our DNA and gets us out of bed every, single day. We believe in the little things we can do every day to FEEL GOOD.

We believe in the 80/20 rule. We laugh together, go for a run together (followed by a glass of prosecco), work hard and create the best, most hard-working naturally-good products together. We’re a bad-ass, seriously-smart-working gang who work to help you (and each other) feel good. We make wellbeing easy. We’ve got the tool kit (you can pick and choose from) the tips, the goodies. It’s no BS.

Want to feel good? We’ve got you. Join the NEOM gang. And tell us how we can help YOU feel good? 

Get in touch with our gang of experts on Instagram @neomorganics, drop me a message @nicolaelliottmoss or email where the team are always ready to ping you the best tips and advice! 

You can also listen to my Podcast No B.S Guide to Wellbeing here. 

Much love, Nicola x

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