An Ode To Rose

Posted by Nicola Elliott, Jun 08, 2021

An Ode To Rose

It's been used to calm and soothe for centuries and now rose is back in Vogue.

Sales of rose-based beauty products are up by 6% last year according to recent research from The NPD Group. It's also been packed into lots of our products including our Complete Bliss Essential Oil Blend, Magnesium Body Butter, Natural Candles and now our NEW Hand & Body Wash & Lotion, because despite an influx of fancy pants man-made ingredients, rose essential oil has a healing power like no other. 

When I took my aromatherapy course, I always loved using rose. It has such soothing and calming properties for the mind, body and skin, as well as having antibacterial properties too. 

We source our rose from Morocco and the freshly picked petals are steam distilled to create a rose oil - meaning we only use the oil in its purest form for the freshest oil. It takes thousands of rose blossoms to product just a small amount of the most potent rose oil to create our blend. 

The roses used in essential oil production are the Damask rose (which requires a very specific soil and climate to grow), and has a super-rich, florally, petally rose aroma which we sharpen with a dash of fresh lime from South Africa (cold-expressed from the peel) and punchy black pepper from India, plus 14 other essential oils - so don't expect anything over florally - expect a modern twist of the amazing soft, subtle scent of rose. Calming on every level, who wouldn't like a product that can chill you out mentally and physically? We can't say the same for Rose wine but we'll take those endorphins any way we can! 

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