A sprinkle of GOOD VIBES wherever, whenever

Posted by Nicola Elliott, May 24, 2021

A sprinkle of GOOD VIBES wherever, whenever

Well. 2020. You rollercoaster you. Those ups and downs (and everything in between). From the 'argh' moments to the moments I am super grateful for, and I will never forget (like more time with my kids cuddling in the morning when they usually would have been at school). It’s the year I will always remember as the time I stopped, took a breath, and found good in the little moments.

We received so many messages this year. Reading them and hearing how NEOM has helped you in and out of lockdown and though this whole year has meant so much to the team and I, and we are thrilled NEOM products and our online community have made your year a little better in some way. So, thank you for all of YOUR support and kind words this year.

I completely understand this year has been different for us all, however for me, as I look back at the sheer amount of ‘stuff’ I was packing into my life pre-March, I think ‘didn’t you remember the crazy hours you worked before NEOM causing you to be anxious, frazzled, tired and wired?’ But the truth is, I didn’t.

But now, for me, I realise it’s the small moments that seemed small, but made me feel big. The daily walks, the 3 pm cup of tea, or sending good vibes over Zoom – these are the feel-good moments I will look back on with gratitude. And, will take with me into 2021.

At NEOM, we (like many) we lucky enough that the majority of us could work from home, continue to create, connect and chat with one another and YOU, our community. We were able to whip up some feel-good moments. From bringing you virtual wellbeing festivals (which PS raised over £7,000 for our charity partner The Mental Health Foundation), weekly live interviews, and wellbeing classes. 

We continued on our sustainable journey. Saving eight tonnes of waste with our sustainable hand & body washes and lotions which are made from 100% recycled plastic and ocean waste.

We also created our brand new Soap Bar, Clean & Happy Hand Sanitisers (donating over 15,000 so far to the NHS), introduced an alternative sleep scent – Bedtime Hero – as well as three amazing Magnesium Body Butters and NEW precious, potent and pure Essential Oils Blends. In 2020, we made it our mission to sprinkle GOOD VIBES wherever, whenever we could.

pod wash and lotion anti bac bedtime hero

Onwards to 2021, where I plan to think over my wellbeing toolkit for the year ahead. As I think (wine in hand) about the things that will make-the-cut, I encourage you to do the same. What will make YOUR wellbeing toolkit in 2021? What things are worthy of your time? What good parts of this year will you be taking into next year? And, importantly too, what will you be saying NO (and a big YES) to?

We’ll be back with more inspiration next year that will help you build your wellbeing toolkit. But, remember that it’s the little things that make the biggest difference in the long term. As for now, I’ll try to go easy(ish) on the bubbles and get out for a walk with the kids on New Year’s Day and then settle down on the sofa by 4 pm surrounded by candles and a feel-good film.

Hope you had a lovely Christmas and wishing you a happy New Year!

Much love, Nicola