A candle that you can pour on your skin, Really?

Posted by Nicola Elliott, Jun 09, 2021

A candle that you can pour on your skin, Really?

“The NEOM Tranquillity Intensive Skin Treatment Candle is a vital part of my Sunday night ritual. I always find it hard to fall to sleep on a Sunday – I struggle to switch off, SO I tend to spend longer preparing for bed and I follow a proper routine. I apply it generously on my décolletage so I can inhale it as I drift off and it instantly makes me feel calm and relaxed!” Charlotte, Social Media Manager.

“I recently got married and wanted extra soft skin for the big day; I’d been using it in the run up as part of my usual routine, but the day before, after a long day in the Ibizan sunshine my skin was in serious need! The beautiful warm-oils not only worked to deeply hydrate and repair my skin, but the De-Stress fragrance blend helped my nerves and created some much needed calm!” Chloe, PR & Brand Partnership Manager.

“I like to use as a concentrated application on my feet. I find it really nourishes and hydrates my problematic hard skin areas… it’s particularly effective if you pop on your socks after to keep all the rich goodness in place.” Emma, Business Development Manager.

“I love to use this when my skin needs a boost of hydration and nourishment. I don’t always have time for a pamper night so instead I like to use it whilst watching TV on an evening, in 20 minutes I can turn my living room into my own little spa.” Jodie, Lead Designer.

“I use mine once a week on myself after a bath and before bed and my skin is like SILK the next morning. My boyfriend also LOVES it and gets me to use it as a massage treatment on him.” Denise, Customer Director.

“An absolute must for me for any time I need that ultimate treat but from the comfort of my own home. Sometimes a candle, a bath, and a glass of wine just doesn’t cut it! Being able to create your own spa treatment and genuinely feel so relaxed and not pay an absolute fortune makes it all the more worthwhile.” Charlotte, Customer Service Manager.

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