8 tips to achieve a stunning green and Instagram-able sink-side.

Posted by PR Neom, Jun 14, 2021

8 tips to achieve a stunning green and Instagram-able sink-side.

Move over the selfie and shelfie, we are all about the ‘sustainable-sinkie’, because not only are our new Hand & Body Wash & Lotions beautiful and clean on the inside due to the natural ingredients and pure essential oils, they are also beautiful and clean on the outside because they are made from recycled plastic in a lovely nude colour.

So, here are 8 steps from Instagrammer Helen from @insidenumbersixteen who shows us how good it looks to go green.

1 Start by giving yourself a blank canvas by clearing away any sink side clutter.

2 Next comes the NEW super chic bottles of NEOM hand wash & lotion and the lovely nude coloured sustainable packaging. Style next to your sink.

wash & lotion

3 Next add a small vase of freshly foraged foliage or antiqued plant pot of herbs adds a natural element to your sink area. Fika Living, Patch Plants and Graham & Green all have some lovely bits and bobs.

4 Add a fresh organic cotton dishcloth or a tea towel that compliments the colour scheme of your kitchen. Etsy has some great options.

sink plants 

5 You can also be sustainable with dishwashing brushes and scours made from natural materials. Not only look good but are kind to our environment. Tabitha and Eve have a great kitchen selection.

6 For some seasonal touches add in some baby pumpkins or figs are a beautiful nod to the seasonal change.

wash & lotion with pumpkin

7 Express your personality, add colour and texture through the items you display like vases, and your choice of plants.

8 Finally, add a luxury finish to your sink-side with a beautiful and natural NEOM candle.

great day wash & lotion perfect peace

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cleans hands