7 Day "Feel Amazing" Challenge

Posted by Nicola Elliott, Jun 01, 2021

7 Day

We’re on our biggest mission to help you feel good. So with the help of Suzy Reading, the NEOM Psychology expert and Sam Paget, our Nutrition Expert, we’ve created the ultimate 7 day challenge to help rid your body of stress and tension, lift your mood, cultivate a little self-acceptance and feel utterly amazing.


Our minds are like computers. To improve efficiency, we have to delete the temporary files and focus on the one task in hand. A mind clogged up with 3 weeks of thoughts is forgetful and processes information slowly.

Grab a notepad and dump all your thoughts. Yes, all your thoughts - even the one about how you’ll get from the train station to Sally’s on February 2nd (it might rain, hmmm what shoes to wear...) Ditch your to-do list, questions, ideas and worries. Use this time to rationalise negative thoughts, prioritise your workload and reflect on your achievements.

Today’s Feel Good Challenge - Before you go to bed, write down 3 things that made you feel good today and how you made them happen.
today's feel good challenge


Curb your self-talk and only talk to yourself as you would your best friend. Suzy, our Psychology Expert says that how we feel is amplified by what we say to ourselves. So, cultivate a little self-acceptance and compassion. If you wouldn’t say it to your best friend, don’t say it to yourself.

Today’s Feel Good Challenge - Download a meditation or mindfulness app. Sam Paget, the Neom Nutrition Expert says “The Headspace app is perfect for helping to re-balance when you don’t have much time. Learning how to use breathing and visualisation can help de-stress anywhere, even on the train.”




Stand tall. Posture has an overarching effect on mood and energy. Feeling cold encourages an inward stance with rounded shoulders and a curved spine which makes us feel low and sluggish. Stand or sit tall with open shoulders to help lift your mood.

Need a super quick fix to de-stress? Apply our Real Luxury™ Intensive Stress Relief Treatment to your pulse points and sit for 10 minutes in a quiet area. It’s loaded with incredibly powerful essential oils that are absorbed through the skin to help melt away stress.

Breathe in for 7 seconds, out for 11….

Today’s Feel Good Challenge - Yoga poses - Cat and dog are perfect for releasing tension from your neck and shoulders. From all fours inhale and lift your tailbone, look forwards and draw your shoulders away from ears. Exhale and round your spine by tucking your tailbone under and drawing your chin to the chest. Repeat 6 of each, leading with your breath.



Exercise your right to choose. Give yourself permission to say yes or no. Be selective and minimise anything that depletes you. Skip meeting the friend that steals your sunshine, or stay in if you need an early night! Choose your company, choose your activities and take charge of your wellbeing.

Today’s Feel Good Challenge - Say no to something.

Intensive skin treatment candle


Prescribe yourself a pamper evening. Disconnect from the world. Turn your phone off, sign out of social media and do not respond to emails.

Try dowsing your whole body in our Intensive Skin Treatment Candle. There’s no quicker way to nourish and hydrate stressed skin plus the jasmine, lavender and Brazilian Rosewood work together to restore calm after a busy, hectic week.

Today’s Feel Good Challenge - Take a soak in the bath, listen to your favourite music and give your skin some TLC. (If you’re not free tonight, switch this challenge with another day in the weekend).



Suzy says “Connecting with other people is food for the soul. Feeling part of something, even as simple as a yoga class or lunch date gives us a sense of meaning and purpose. Exercise is therapeutic for the physical body and the mind too.”

Today’s Feel Good Challenge -Try a new form of exercise (with a friend if you can).

feel good challenge


Bump up your Omega 3 intake -studies show that eating just 1 gram of oily fish each day can reduce anxiety, sleep loss and sadness by 50%.

Today’s Feel Good Challenge - Try grilled salmon with a teriyaki marinade - 1 cup of soy sauce, 1-inch of root ginger (grated), 4-5 cloves garlic (crushed) and 2 tbsp of brown sugar.






Try Suzy's quick exercises for relieving stress and tension below:


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