6 Of The Best Feel Good Books

Posted by PR Neom, Jun 09, 2021

6 Of The Best Feel Good Books

We’ve got a saying at NEOM HQ… ‘keep learning’, because we’re all about moving our mind as well as our body. Reading and learning is in our DNA, so hunker down and switch swiping on Instagram for a turn of a page.

Here’s our 6 fave wellbeing books, new and old, that will give you great tips, get you giggling and feeling good in equal measures.

Self Care for the Real World

Written by sisters Nadia Narain and Katia Narain Phillips, this book is loved by the likes of Director Sam Taylor-Johnson and Jools Oliver, and is all about taking care of yourself with the small steps. “Rituals which help you to pause”, says Katia (read our interview with Katie Narain Phillips and Nadia Narain on all things wellbeing here) “not woo woo or religious', and we agree! This book gives us easy things we can all do to put some spark into our everyday lives. A thoughtful book meant for us real peeps! Hurrah.

Sleep Recovery

Published this month, this book is all about getting you to move for sleep, in particular getting your yoga on. In seven chapters author Lisa Sanfilippo uses her own experiences with sleeplessness, helps us find out what keeps us awake at night and gives us a DIY Super Sleep Programme. A warm and honest book.

Reluctant Adult

Written by the incredibly funny, no B.S mum, Katie Kirby (aka Hurrah for Gin). If you don’t know Katie, well we don't know where you have been. This book completely sums up what most of us feel daily (you know how overwhelming life can be as grown-ups?) in the most honest and hilarious way. But fear not, it’s been injected with some relatable advice too. Enough said.

Is Butter a Carb?: Unpicking Fact from Fiction in the World of Nutrition

Registered Dietitians, Rosie Saunt & Helen West are sheer geniuses, and if you ask us this book is a well overdue collection of pages on decoding nutrition nonsense!
A brilliant NO B.S read using evidence-based nutrition at the core where they debunk wellness myths, fads and unpick fact from fiction. Should we really be drinking celery juice or taking that turmeric latte? We will let you read the book and find out.

Feel Better in 5

Time - it’s something we all struggle with, right? “I don’t have time to go to the gym”, “I didn’t have any time to spend with [insert relevant person]”. Author Dr Rangan Chatterjee, as the title suggests, says 5 is the magic number. 5 minutes per day on your MIND, 5 minutes per day on your BODY, 5 minutes per day on your HEART. This book is his daily 5 minute plan with easy-to-follow tips that take minimal effort. Totally a guy after our own heart.

How to Fail: Everything I’ve Ever Learned From Things Going Wrong

If only we could all have been given this book at birth! We’re mega fans of Elizabeth Day (journalist, broadcaster and novelist), not only for her warm-hearted, straight-talking candor but for reframing ‘fails’ to ‘positives’. Things going wrong is pretty inevitable. Hands up who has ever failed at something? All of you? Ok then. This book has chapters on friendships dating, work, family and more, and is based on understanding why failing ultimately makes us stronger. Thank you Elizabeth for this light bulb moment.

Shout out to our long-standing firm favourites which we have talked about before…

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6 of the best feel good books

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