4 Great Calming Apps

Posted by PR Neom, Jun 10, 2021

4 Great Calming Apps

Feeling overwhelmed? Or finding it hard to keep calm amongst the chaos right now?

So here are 4 apps to help us feel calmer, right now.

Back in October 2019, one of the wellness trends that was said to be big in 2020 was virtual wellness. Our 24/7 lifestyle and mentality got us wanting to do our classes (and get our endorphin hit) and improve our wellbeing, whenever, wherever, however, we wanted. However, little did we know, how much it would really mean to us come March 2020. 


This app created by Kim Palmer this app is for women. And brilliant for the anxious ones out there. Hypnotherapy-based advice to help with sleep, stress and positivity. Their guided hypnotherapy sessions are designed to interrupt negative thoughts, replacing them with empowering ones. Definitely worth giving this a go.
Most of the app is free but they have also given us free access to their exclusive section dedicated to body acceptance to help you feel more confident, want to get moving, and wear what you want. You have until Monday at 8pm to download the app and the body section for FREE.

Happy Not Perfect

The NEOM team is a big fan of this no B.S approach to happiness. Labelled the mind gym, Happy Not Perfect has a whole host of achievable mediations. Our favourite is the quick ‘bathroom breaks’ meditations. It can really help us keep it real, whilst sorting our wellbeing. Also, check out the Podcast where NEOM Founder Nicola chats to Happy Not Perfect founder Poppy Jamie HERE. 

De-Stress at Home


You can get some calm during your day with this ‘relaxation and meditation experience’ to combat stress. You slowly and continuously move your finger across the screen which is pretty relaxing. It triggers the body’s ‘rest and digest’ response, quickly helping you regain focus and release stress within minutes.

Ten Per Cent Happier

Recommended to us by Matthew Walker (author of Why We Sleep) when we interviewed him earlier this year. With daily doses of meditations and sleep meditations, this calls itself ‘a daily meditation coach in your pocket’ and was devised by Dan Harris (who himself struggled with depression and stress). They also currently have a free ‘coronavirus sanity guide. 

Your 3 Steps to Feeling Calm

Ultimate Calm Face Serum Real Luxury Bath Foam Real Luxury Body Oil

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