3 Easy Steps to Creating A Mini Home Haven For Your Guest Room

Posted by PR Neom, Jun 14, 2021

3 Easy Steps to Creating A Mini Home Haven For Your Guest Room

Having your own home haven is a great way to chill out, relax and get away from the hustle and bustle of everyday life. You’ve got your own special place to wind down in but, when someone else comes to stay, could they be missing their creature comforts?

So we’re going to show you how to create a welcoming space that your guests will LOVE!

1. Create A Soothing Atmosphere

We don’t know about you, but when we’ve made a long trip to see a friend, when we arrive, we can feel exhausted. 3 hours in the car can leave anyone feeling a little groggy and run down, no matter how excited you are to be making the trip! 

So if you put yourself in your guest’s shoes, they’re probably looking forward to having a sit-down and a little time to recoup when they arrive. When you get that, “I’ll be there in 10 mins text,” our advice is to pop the kettle on and go into the guest room to light a Real Luxury Candle. When they step into their unexpected mini home haven, you may even see a small smile as they are greeted by the relaxing fragrances of Brazilian rosewood and jasmine.

To give your guest an EXTRA special experience, place a Real Luxury Reed Diffuser near their bedside and turn the reeds just before they arrive.

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2. It’s The Little Things…

Sometimes, small, thoughtful actions can have the biggest impact. Spritz a little Perfect Night’s Sleep Pillow Mist on their bedding to give your guest a surprising (but welcome!) scent of lavender as they get cosy under the duvet.

And when you put out their towels and toiletries, be sure to include a bottle of Great Day Hand & Body Wash and some Great Day Natural Soap. The zesty scents of mandarin and wild mint will perk them up and get them ready for whatever fun activities you have in store!

3. Go The Extra Mile (And Then Some!)

What about leaving your guest with a lovely memory to take home… a great night’s sleep! Pop a Gift of Zzz’s set in their room before they head off so that they can enjoy the same experience at their home; otherwise, they might never want to leave!

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